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The Undercover Sisters

Bunched Florals

It is a joy to watch the thread of different colors go back and forth swiftly in French Knot Hand embroidery, daintily wrapped around the needle forming beautiful flower-like knots clustered together producing stunning designs worthy of every bit of hard work going into it. 

This technique is one of the oldest techniques tracing its origin back to (5th–3rd century BC) in China.

Our local artisans call them "maroriyan" and they take a lot of time to come out this exquisite! Most karigars will rush the process and not put enough knots. The result will be a subpar product:)

 We take our time, painstakingly putting in knot after knot, to ensure you get a piece worthy of your mom's "techi case" ;) 

-Made in High Quality Nida Fabric. 

*Scarf not included in Listed Price

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