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The Undercover Sisters

Bead Detailing Slanted

Yeh Bead-Detailing and Slanted are two of our best sellers. We joined both these designs and arrived at another beauty! 

Design Details:- Front closed, Slanted Bodice Gown with box pleats underneath the Bodice to give it extra flair and a plain back, so as not to detract from the Gown. 

The sleeves now come with Bead Detailing Pintex pattern to add to the beauty of this timeless piece!

This design combines the unbelievable flair of our Slanted Abaya with the intricate bead detailing of our best seller Bead Detailing kaftan with THE ENTIRE SLEEVE covered with pintex and pretty beads! Comes with hidden zips in the sleeves to make it easy for wuzu! The slanted bodice has pleats which add to the fall, flair and grace of this piece.

Scarf not included in listed price.

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