Our Story

Everyone talks about Hijab and whether or not it`s Fardh. Amidst all the hue and cry, the zeal and fervor of both sides debating this, one little person is quite forgotten.
The little girl who in her adolescence awkwardness, shyly tries out her pink Hijab for the first time. The painful shyness and feelings of inadequateness that she goes through while her peers sport the latest Nickie Minhaj look.
She is young, she is shy, she is awkward. The mirror only serves to make her feel worse. It`s teenage after all.
BUT her courage shines through as she stoically refuses to let society dictate it`s terms to her. She ties the knot on her Hijab rather determinedly, squares her shoulders and walks out of her home, comforted in her belief that Allah s.w.t is watching out for her.
This tiny venture of ours started out with this hope in mind, to reach out to this determined little girl. This girl who represents ALL of us, and the choices we make every day as Muslim women, young or old, as we walk around with our Hijabs, Jilbabs and Niqabs.
We hoped that by attaching brand value to the Hijab it would somehow take away from the stigma attached to it. We hoped that one day when another little girl wants to start Hijab she would know she`s not alone!
Here`s to that little girl inside each of us! Here`s to being The Undercover Sisters <3
Love and Du`as